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Law Awards 2024, Firm BERTRAND Gold medal in the Sports Law category (firms with fewer than 10 lawyers)
Every year, the magazine Le Monde du Droit reveals the results of its Palmarès du Droit. In 2024, the BERTRAND Firm is once again the best in the Sports Law Category (Firms with fewer than ten lawyers).
Law Summit 2024, Cabinet BERTRAND Gold Trophy in the Sports Law Category
In 2024, for its first participation in the Trophées du Droit ceremony organized by the magazines Décideurs Juridiques and Leaders League, Cabinet Bertrand was awarded the Trophée d'Or prize for the best law firm in Sports Law.
The Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) handed down, on December 21, 2023, 3 judgments relating to the monopoly of international sports federations
For the CJEU, the rules of UEFA, FIFA and ISU on the prior approval of sports competitions are contrary to European competition law. Arbitration bodies in sports matters must be able to be subject to effective judicial control (via a preliminary question)
RMC Sport, 06.12.2023
Me Jean-Jacques BERTRAND, lawyer in sports law, interviewed by BFM TV then by RMC Sport on the question of the ban on travel of football supporters until December 18, 2023
The status of volunteers during sporting events
On the occasion of the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Paris, more than 45 volunteers are expected in the capital during the summer of 000. This is an opportunity to recall the status of sports volunteers, their legal definition and the conditions commitment to responsibility
Fight against doping and food supplements (sportsman, how to defend yourself?)
If food supplements are not on the World Anti-Doping Agency's list of prohibited products (transposed into the Sports Code), athletes must remain vigilant because of the risk of contamination with prohibited products.
Prerogatives granted to Federations and Leagues concerning the professional organization of a sporting discipline
On August 18, 2022, the Minister of Sports adopted an order noting compliance with the Sports Code of the modifications that the National Handball League (NHL) made to its statutes in March 2022, with the agreement of the French Handball Federation. (FFH).
Creation of a commercial company by the Professional Leagues
The law aimed at democratizing sport in France was adopted by the National Assembly on February 24, 2022. The text allows professional leagues to create a commercial company for the management and marketing of the rights to exploit the sporting events they organize
Decree relating to the conditions under which the duration of the athlete's first professional contract may be extended from 3 to 5 years
The decree of April 26, 2022 sets the conditions allowing the maximum duration of the first employment contract of a professional football player to be extended from 3 to 5 years.
Le Point: Cabinet BERTRAND among the best lawyers in Sports Law (ranking 2022)
Cabinet BERTRAND obtained a score of 5/5 and appears in the 2022 ranking established by the magazine Le Point of the best law firms in sports law in France
2022 Law Awards, Cabinet BERTRAND winner of the Sports Law Category
In 2020, BERTRAND Sports Law Firm was designated the best French Sports Law Firm in France (category Law firms of less than XNUMX lawyers) by the magazine Le Monde du Droit.
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Judgment of the Council of State of February 7, 2022 - Individualization of penalties for doping
The Council of State validates the option for the Sanctions Commission of the AFLD to reduce the duration of a sanction taken against an athlete for the use of unspecified substances when the circumstances of the case justify it with regard to the principle of proportionality .
Order of 25 November 2021 relating to the recognition of the high level character of sports disciplines
List of sports disciplines recognized as being of a high level, in order to allow the exercise of their prerogatives until December 31 of the year in which the summer Olympic and Paralympic Games in Paris 2024 take place
Illicit retransmission of sports events
The bill relating to the regulation and protection of access to cultural and digital works adopted by the National Assembly at the end of October 2021 includes new provisions intended to fight more effectively against the illicit retransmission of sports events.
The responsibility of football clubs for their supporters
Are amateur and / or professional football clubs liable for the act of their supporters? What is the legislative and regulatory framework under which football clubs are responsible for the act of their supporters at sporting events?
Olympic Games, exploitation by the athlete of his image during the Games and protection of the Olympic symbols [Part 2]
For the Tokyo 2020 Games, the Executive Board of the International Olympic Committee has established the fundamental principles allowing athletes to exploit their sports images or performances. In France, the implementation of these principles is the responsibility of the French National Olympic Sports Committee.
The CAS's refusal to control the decisions taken by the field referees
The Court of Arbitration for Sport refrains from "reviewing decisions taken on the field of play by referees or other officials responsible for applying the rules of the game, unless there is evidence that these rules have been applied. arbitrarily or in bad faith "
Olympic Games, exploitation by the athlete of his image during the Games and protection of the Olympic symbols
During the Tokyo Olympics, Olympic athletes participating in the Games can now, thanks to an amendment to Article 40 of the Olympic Charter, use, under certain conditions, their names, images or sports performances for advertising purposes.
Doping, updating the list of substances and methods whose possession is a criminal offense
Article L.232-26 of the Sports Code penalizes the simple possession of unspecified substances or methods. The decree of July 1, 2021 published the updated list of these prohibited substances and methods. What is this penal provision in the fight against doping?