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    DExperts since 1973nassist professional athlete, de high level ou amateur, for any legal questions and daily monitoring of their sporting career. 
    I defend also the stakeholders of the sports world as part of appeal and sports litigation before national commissions, bodies and courts(Federation, League, CNOSF, AFLD, Administrative Court, Industrial Tribunal, Court of Appeal, etc.)and international(TAS, FIFA, FIBA, BAT, ...).
    The activity of Bertrand Cabinet and its lawyersis exclusively dedicated to Sports lawand to the defenseof stakeholders of the sports world(athlete, player, coach, medical or administrative staff, sports agent and amateur club). 
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    Our firm, located in Paris (France), has recognized expertise and a knowledge of nearly 50 years of sports regulations and practice of sports law in all its disciplines. (football, basketball, cycling, golf, handball, skating, athletics, volleyball, hockey, jockey, boxing, rugby, tennis, gymnastics, ...).

    - French Sports Lawyers -

    The know-how and reputation of the lawyers of Cabinet BETRAND are regularly recognized in France and internationally.

    En 2021 et 2022, Cabinet BERTRAND was awarded the Gold medal of the sports law firms of less than thirty lawyers by the Palmarès du Droit.


French Sports Lawyers Experts in Sports Law since 1973

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Lawyer serving professional and amateur athletes

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A team of multidisciplinary lawyers and jurists, competent, dedicated, constantly evolving and trained in sports law

Labor law

Ensure respect for the rights of the athlete (drafting, execution or termination of the employment contract, specific CDD).

Administrative law

Challenge a sanction regulatory, disciplinary or doping (commission, Cnosf, AFLD, Administrative Tribunal, ..).

Image contract, sponsorship

Image contract, sponsorship, sponsorship, partnership, defense of the vie privée of athletes.

International law and CAS

Support the athlete before the Court of Arbitration for Sport (TAS), The FIFA, FIBA and other international bodies.

Tax law, patrimonial

Support the athlete in his procedures, tax declarations, tax returns and procedures recovery.

Athlete representation

To accompany legally the athlete in the daily follow-up of his sports career and its legal issues.

Experienced French
Sports Lawyers

Athlete career monitoring
Disputes and appeals before sports federations committees and Courts

Since 1973, Cabinet BERTRAND advises, assists and represents the interests of stakeholders of the sports world (player professional, coach, athlete, agent, medical and administrative staff, club amateur), in the daily monitoring of their contracts (player labor contract, image, sponsorship) and sporting careers, as well as for all sports dispute or legal cases in connection with the sports regulations and their sport profession.

Our lawyers, experts in sports law, intervene before the sports committees and institutions, national and international, (Sports Federation, League, CNOSF conciliation, AFLD, FIFA, FIBA, Court of Arbitration for Sport - CAS, ...), for all sports litigation (legal, regulations, disciplinary, financial or doping).

I defend also regularly sportsmen's rights (players, coaches, athletes, agents and clubs)  before the judicial and administrative courts (Labor Court, Judicial or Administrative Court, Court of Appeal) in France or internationally.

Masters Christophe and Jean-Jacques Bertrand - Lawyers in sports law

Led by Jean-Jacques and Christophe Bertrand with more than 70 years of experience as French sports lawyers. Le Cabinet BERTRAND (French sport law Firm located in Paris, France) is composed of lawyers and jurists all practicing, on a permanent and exclusive basis, Sports Law.

Since 1973, we have defended the rights of many athletes, sports unions professionals (players, coaches, jockeys, ...), agents et amateur clubsin all the sports disciplines (football, basketball, horse riding, tennis, boxing, cycling, athletics, fencing, tennis, rugby, handball, futsal, judo,...).

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