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Image contract, sponsorship, sponsorship, partnership, ... but also the right to respect for private life, Cabinet Bertrand supports its sports clients (athletes, players, coaches) in all aspects of the defense of attributes their personalities (image, name, voice, signature, caricature, nickname, ...).
Sport and sporting image are vectors of communication. The image of the athlete now represents a market value.

The image, the name or even the voice of the athlete are the attributes of his personality. Yet, "any person has an exclusive right of exploitation over his image and on the use made of it and may oppose its distribution without his authorization".  The sports is no exception.

Of course, a priori, the professional sportsman practices his discipline publicly and the capture, just like the diffusion, of his image, whether televised or photographic, will only be facilitated. 
Admittedly, the right which the sportsman has on his image must be registered and coexist with the right to information, the property right of the organizers of sporting events, the right of TV retransmission, the use of "the collective image ", etc ....

However, as soon as its individual image will be used for commercial, advertising or promotional purposes, this use must first have been the subject of its express, special and unequivocal agreement.

Otherwise, this use is abusive and causes him prejudice.

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Image management of sports


Cabinet Bertrand, sports lawyers for many players and coaches (especially in football) since XNUMX

As a preventive measure or as part of a contentious procedure, thehe Cabinet Bertrand advises, protects and defends its sports clients (athletes, players, coaches) against attacks on their privacy and their personality rights (image, name, voice, etc.).

Taking into account the characteristics and the sporting career of their clients, Cabinet Bertrand supports athletes, players or coaches in the management of property interests linked to the exploitation of their image, will negotiate in their best interests and draft their contracts.

Advice, Protection, Defense

  • Abreach of privacy,
  • Infringement of the moral and economic rights of the attributes of the personality of athletes (image, name, voice, etc.).

Negotiate, Write

  • Image license or concession contract,
  • Sponsorship contract,
  • Csponsorship contract,
  • Partnership contract,
  • ...
Cabinet Bertrand & Associé also supports its sports clients in setting up and administering a management company for the attributes of their personalities.

Finally, the Firm informs and advises athletes, players and coaches on the fiscal and social consequences of exploiting the attributes of their personalities.
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