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A law firm in sports law at the service of athletes

The defense of professional and amateur athletes for almost 50 years

The lawyers of Cabinet BERTRAND are ranked among the best experts and sports law firms in France.

Since 1973, Cabinet BERTRAND (composed oflawyers and jurists sports law experts) advises, negotiates, assists and represents the interests of players in the professional and amateur sports world (player, athlete, coach, technical staff, administrative, club) in the daily monitoring of their sporting careers as well as for any sports or legal dispute.

Mine consulting

Response, punctual and personalized, to a question in Sports Law. It can be written or discussed during a meeting at the office or by videoconference.

Legal assistance

For the drafting of any act (employment contract, partnership contract, management of image rights, constitution and monitoring of civil or commercial companies, ...).

Sports litigation

Before national and international sporting committees, Chambers and jurisdictions (Federation, League, CNOSF, AFLD, FIFA, FIBA, Court of Arbitration for Sport, ...), for any legal, regulatory, disciplinary, financial or doping dispute.

Legal litigation

Before all judicial and administrative jurisdictions (Civil  Court or Administrative, Labor Court, Court of Appeal, Supreme Court with the assistance of a barrister, ...), in France or internationally.

Sports law firm

As Sports Lawyers, we act ...

In France and internationally, a sports lawyer is now specialized.

For any issue of the stakeholders, professional and amateur, of the sports industry (JPlayer, Athlete, Jockey, Coach, Referee, Medical and administrative staff, Club - sports association and company).

In all sports disciplines (Football, Futsal, Basketball, Rugby, Athletics, Skating, Gymnastics, Horse riding, Tennis, Handball, Cycling, Horse racing, Swimming, Boxing, eSport, ...).

Advise, defend and assist sports players and clubs to defend their rights


Role of the lawyer in sports law 

Cabinet BERTRAND (based in Paris, France) has developed recognized know-how and expertise in sports law through practice in the legal world since the early 70s.

The extent of our expertise translates into a transversal application of the various fields of law to be applied to sport. Accustomed to defending athletes, Cabinet BERTRAND intervenes in particular in:
      • Le Labor law applied to professional and amateur athletes, players and coaches. Drafting of employment contract, transfer, sports intermediation; Prevention and settlement of disputes;  Athlete-specific Professional Contract ; Referral and follow-up of proceedings before the Labor court..
      • Management sporting careers and any matter concerning sports agent and sports representative lawyer.
      • Image rights ; The drafting of contracts image, sponsorship, participation in sporting events, creation of an image management company, etc.
      • All judicial and administrative litigation linked to the problems encountered by players in the sports world (player, coach, medical and administrative staff, amateur club: Civil Procedure under civil law (in particular player / sports agent disputes), litigation concerning elections, appeals against decisions taken by a delegated sports body in the exercise of its delegation of public service mission (and in particular, submission to the Administrative Court, in emergency or not, of the decisions of Federations, Leagues and Regional Committees, of a sporting, regulatory, financial or disciplinary body).
      • Right-footed tax law applied to the world of sport.
      • Le law of sports federations, associations and companies (EUSRL, SARL, SAOS, SASP, SASU); drafting of sports regulations; mergers of sports structures.
      • The law of Intellectual propertyLaw, communication, retransmission of events.
      • The right to respect the privacy of athletes.
      • The law of Responsibility Law and compensation for bodily injury and intangible damage related to sports practices, procedure in compensation..
      • Le Corporate law.
      • French law and European competition, labor and freedom of movement of athletes.
      • La defense of players in the sports world (professional player, athlete, coach, referee, doctor, amateur club) before sports committees, bodies and jurisdictions (legal, financial or disciplinary) of the national federations (FFF, FFR, FFT, FFBB, FFHB, FFBoxing, FFE, etc ...), Leagues (LFP, LNB, NHL, NRL, etc ...) or regional.
      • The practice and representation of professional and amateur sports stakeholders (athlete, player, coach, referee, doctor, club) in front of the conciliation of the French National Olympic and Sports Committee (CNFSO).
      • Defense and the representation of sports stakeholders  professional and amateur (athlete, player, coach, referee, doctor, club) in front of international sporting bodies, Committees, Chambers and jurisdictions (Players' Status Committee FIFA, FIFA Dispute Resolution Chamber, FIBA, IRB, ....).
      •   The defense and representation of professional and amateur athlete (athlete, player, coach, referee, doctor, club) in international sports arbitration procedure, and in particular before the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) in Lausanne, Switzerland.
      • The defense and representation of professional and amateur athletes (player, athlete, coach, referee) for any dispute and procedure relating to the anti-doping, contest a positive control or get a Therapeutic use authorization (TUE), before the French Antidoping Agency (AFLD) and the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). Our lawyers are also involved in matters of de animal doping in case of positive control.

The firm also intervenes in family law, divorce, real estate law and other branches of law with which its clients from the world of sport may be confronted.

Our expertise is also based on a case law database specific to the Firm based on nearly 50 years. To this, it is advisable to add a permanent watch to the legislative texts, an excellent knowledge of sports regulations National and International Federations, without forgetting of course general or sport-specific case law.

The philosophy of Cabinet BERTRAND, common law applied to sport

Following the economic development of sport and its dazzling media coverage, the organization and practice of sporting activities found themselves framed by law in an exponential manner. The original mode of organization of sport, placed under the supervision of the State, also places it in the field of public law. Sport is therefore today at the confluence of private and public law.

Cabinet Bertrand is a fervent follower of the application of common law, in all its branches, to the world of sport, and in particular:

      • Labor law,
      • Contract law, intellectual property and audiovisual law,
      • Administrative law,
      • Tax law for people or companies,
      • Company and association law,
      • The law of responsibility,
      • ...

Nonetheless, a specific law emerges, consisting at the same time of specific rules, of adapted rules or sometimes of rules derogating from the norms of common law. These are the regulations of the professional federations and leagues, the collective agreements specific to each sport, the National Collective Convention for Sport, the rules relating to doping, etc.


The professional guarantees of the sports lawyer and the sports representative lawyer

To gain access to the profession, the lawyer takes the following oath: "I swear as a lawyer to exercise my functions with dignity, conscience, independence, probity and humanity"The oath constitutes the basis of ethics and recalls the essential principles of the profession.

Le principle of independence guarantees to the citizen or the company that the advice given to them will never be guided by personal interest or external pressure.

Le principle of loyalty fact that the lawyer cannot advise or defend two parties whose interests are likely to be opposed (rule of the prohibition of the conflict of interest). 

Le principle of confidentiality covers verbal or written communications between lawyers and between lawyer and client, as well as information that may come to his attention during discussions with the adversary. This rule also applies in the context of negotiations and in the context of testimony. It also applies to matters of which he would have been aware in another case.

Le professional secrecy prohibits the lawyer from revealing to third parties the confidences or secrets he has received from his clients. It is general, absolute and unlimited in time, applies in all areas of law and in all its areas of intervention (advice, defense, etc.). It must also ensure that it is respected by all its professional partners (collaborators, employees, external parties, etc.). In addition to an ethical obligation, respect for professional secrecy is a legal obligation, the violation of which is a criminal offense.

Un duty of information, advice and diligence is also required of the lawyer who must in particular inform his client about the chances of success of his case, the possible remedies, the state of progress and evolution of the case and the foreseeable amount of his fees. .

Failure to comply with these ethical and professional obligations is likely to lead at the same time to the Responsibility Law possibly committed, disciplinary sanctions.

Finally, the lawyer's mandate is revocable ad-nutum.

Labor and contract law

Sports and doping litigation

Sporting Career

Taxation of athletes

Image rights and sponsorship

International law and CAS

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Legal and judicial fees

In accordance with article 10 of law n ° 71-1130 of December 31, 1971, our fees are set in agreement with our customers and are the subject of a fee agreement signed prior to our intervention.

Freely fixed

Depending on the difficulty of the case, the time devoted to the case, our experience and our notoriety.

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In agreement with the client, we establish an agreement signed prior to our intervention.

Electronic signature

Our fee agreements are sent by email and signed electronically.

Hourly rates

According to the hourly rate determined according to the complexity of the research and the legal or judicial proceedings.

Fixed fee

In the event of legal transactions (drafting of deed, incorporation of a company, litigation procedure specific to each level of jurisdiction, ...).

Result fee

In addition to the fee for time spent or lump sum, a fixed amount or the percentage of compensations obtained.

French Sport code, definition of player and professional coach

Sport code definition of professional athlete and trainer

Definition of a salaried professional athlete

Article L.222-2 of the Sports Code defines the athlete professional employee "as any person whose remunerated activity is the exercise of a sports activity in a relationship of legal subordination with a sports association or a company mentioned in Articles L. 122-2 and L. 122-12;"

Definition of a salaried professional trainer

Article L.222-2 of the Sports Code defines the coach professional employee "as any person whose main paid activity is to prepare and supervise the sporting activity of one or more professional sportsmen employed in a relationship of legal subordination with a sports association or a company mentioned in articles L. 122-2 and L 122-12 and holder of a diploma, a professional title or a qualification certificate provided for in Article L. 212-1."

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