Billing Portal

Each of our customers has access to their Billing Portal, which allows them to:
  • Edit contact information,
  • View all of its Invoices, Payments and Account Statements,
  • Pay invoices online directly by:
    • Bank card (CB, Visa, MasterCard, American Express),
    • Debit.
access the invoicing portal
Billing Portal of Cabinet BERTRAND
Cabinet BERTRAND Client Portal

Customer Portal - Xtranet

Our clients can also choose to subscribe to our Internet Option in order to have access to our collaborative portal (Cabinet Bertrand Client Portal), which allows them to:
  • Ask questions and have direct discussions with Cabinet members who follow the file,
  • Share documents,
  • Be informed of the follow-up of the procedure / file and important dates,
  • Connect from PC, MAC, Tablet or Mobile (Android and iOS mobile applications under development).
access the customer portal